as twitter burns, here’s a new thing to subscribe to

I actually first started using WordPress back in 2011 when I started making comic seriously,
because back then all the cool kids had their own websites.

Time is a flat circle.

This post's only purpose is to advertise its own existence. how sad
( a picture of Sam BUUZA and Zach BUUZA sitting over water. Sam asks him "what's really up" and in context with this post, the issue is the world is burning and corporations are making is harder for independent businesses to exist. )

a newsletter of sorts

So here we are back on wordpress! I’ll be using this blog on my home website to create newsletters and posts.

I’ll be tryin to keep updates to a minimum and collate any important events, but I think a focused space to post about work related topics is useful.

Please subscribe below (for free!) to be updated when this blog updates!

Some possible updates may include:

> Updates about BUUZA!!
> Exciting news about my publishing career
> Online shop updates?
> drawings shot directly into your email inbox, no context (no promises)