Goodbye 2022 🎉

This is the first real newsletter post (wow)

Goodbye 2022!

As I wind down for the holiday season, I have some ill timed website updates and announcements.

First, I’ve updated my website with some sick new projects:

Secondly, it’s now BUUZA!!’s 5th Anniversary!

Thanks lads !

Technically, this would fall on New Year’s Eve, but who’s checking their inbox then 🙂
Thank you for supporting this comic for so many years!
There’s still a lot of comic left, but we’re now dead in the centre of it.

Now it’ll just be a mad dash til the end…!

And Lastly, this was announced yesterday, but BUUZA!! is officially on Tapas Early Access!
I’m very excited to have this opportunity to work with Tapas to both get some bag but still keep the comic free to read and accessible. I’m excited for the future of this comic, so thank you for enjoying BUUZA!!.

I hope you all have a good new year, and hopefully I’ll have some exciting announcements in the new year to share!

See you later ✌