2023 Conventions & Updates

Hey Everyone!

Here are my upcoming convention dates for 2023!

  • MCM London -26-28 MAY
  • South London Zine & Comic Fair – 16 July
  • Pride Caf Bristol – 23 September
  • Shortbox Digital Fair – October
  • Thought Bubble Harrogate- 11-12 November

More Dates TBA!

I’ve said it across the other places I posted this too, but if there’s an event you’d like to see me at, leave me a comment below? I’m pretty limited on my budget but I want to attend more events too, especially smaller zine fairs and festivals.

Other Updates…

The perk of having a newsletter is ofcourse, I can just write you all little letters.

I’m excited to be doing conventions this year, and excited for the Saving Sunshine launch towards the end of the year. I’m on a little break from BUUZA!! while I try and get my bands up though, and I’ve decided it’s likely I won’t publish a volume this calendar year. It’s a little saddening but I realised I had too much on my plate and being able to feed myself takes the biggest priority at the end of the day. I also realised it would be a little silly launching TWO books in October/November so I’m hoping to get Volume 5 done for May 2024…

Otherwise I’ve been writing up some resources for Illustrators and having a think about how I could create more resources on this website. I’ve got one written up now, but I want to get a few done before posting.

That’s all from my end, or at least all I can speak of currently. See you later!!

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