Saving Sunshine Cover Reveal

& Thoughts and Musings

This is a little late but Saving Sunshine Cover reveal!

And obligatory link to Pre-Order the Book!


The beauty of a newsletter that exists publicly is I can both type out a lot of painfully sincere thoughts on a public platform, while resting assured those reading are statistically the ones who will read them in equal sincerity.

(I hope!)

Myself, Saadia and our dear editor Samia have been working on this book for the last 3 years. Artwork finished up last year, and for Saadia I believe script edits must have finished earlier but it’s wild to think there is still a lot of work now being made to publish , market and distribute the book!

I’ve made comics and graphic novels for a long while now, and managed to churn out a volume of BUUZA!! each year while working on this book, but it is very humbling to see first hand how much care and time it takes to work in professional publishing. I think it’s not something I should have been as surprised at but this was truly my first real foray into seeing what it’s like to be on the other side of a much larger scale production, and I cannot stress enough how much love and consideration has been put into the book to create and polish the narrative!! And this isn’t just at the hands of Saadia or myself, but also the work Samia has put in to carefully curate the story, the work the designers have put in to arrange the book, the several copy editors who read it over and over to weed out any tiny error and the countless other people who’ll have a hand in it, even though I’ve not interacted with them.

While the concept of a debut feels fraught since I am not alone in being a person in comics who’s ‘debut’ happens a decade or so into making and printing work, I am glad that Sunshine in particular is the book that gets to be my debut. Though I didn’t have a hand in developing the story, it still feels really personal to me, especially in the last few years and I’m glad a story about a pair of muslim kids will be the first one I have the honour of bringing to life. Myself and the team were still, even after what may have been our 5th editing pass, over 2 years into the production of this book, were still getting watery eyed over the ending! I really hope when it comes out, a lot of young people can relate to the comic.

And with that, I will go!

Goodbye 2022 🎉

This is the first real newsletter post (wow)

Goodbye 2022!

As I wind down for the holiday season, I have some ill timed website updates and announcements.

First, I’ve updated my website with some sick new projects:

Secondly, it’s now BUUZA!!’s 5th Anniversary!

Thanks lads !

Technically, this would fall on New Year’s Eve, but who’s checking their inbox then 🙂
Thank you for supporting this comic for so many years!
There’s still a lot of comic left, but we’re now dead in the centre of it.

Now it’ll just be a mad dash til the end…!

And Lastly, this was announced yesterday, but BUUZA!! is officially on Tapas Early Access!
I’m very excited to have this opportunity to work with Tapas to both get some bag but still keep the comic free to read and accessible. I’m excited for the future of this comic, so thank you for enjoying BUUZA!!.

I hope you all have a good new year, and hopefully I’ll have some exciting announcements in the new year to share!

See you later ✌

as twitter burns, here’s a new thing to subscribe to

I actually first started using WordPress back in 2011 when I started making comic seriously,
because back then all the cool kids had their own websites.

Time is a flat circle.

This post's only purpose is to advertise its own existence. how sad
( a picture of Sam BUUZA and Zach BUUZA sitting over water. Sam asks him "what's really up" and in context with this post, the issue is the world is burning and corporations are making is harder for independent businesses to exist. )

a newsletter of sorts

So here we are back on wordpress! I’ll be using this blog on my home website to create newsletters and posts.

I’ll be tryin to keep updates to a minimum and collate any important events, but I think a focused space to post about work related topics is useful.

Please subscribe below (for free!) to be updated when this blog updates!

Some possible updates may include:

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